Paskenta Project Will Be Dangerous

(The following letter was sent to the City of Los Angeles Building and Safety Commissioners on March 31.)
I write in opposition to the above-referenced project (the “Project”). Any construction on Paskenta Road would result in a dangerous condition. Paskenta Road is the only means of access/egress for the residents of Marinette Road and Oracle Place. There are 49 homes in our community. Even a temporary blockage of Paskenta Road would not only isolate the residents, but it would put them at an unreasonable risk if emergency services (such as Fire Department, Police Department or ambulance response) were required.
The City of Los Angeles has recognized these risks by prohibiting parking on both sides of Paskenta Road.
The Project seeks to remove “6,045 cubic yards of earth” from the property (see Notice of Public Hearing re: the Project). 
In addition to the impaired access caused by the earth removal, there is the further risk of potential landslides with accompanying damage to Paskenta Road itself. There is no assurance that the hillside will be adequately supported during the earth-removal and grading processes.
Moreover, since the property is located within Tract 9300, no improvement may be constructed without the prior consent of the Pacific Palisades Civic League pursuant to recorded covenants, conditions and restrictions. There is no available evidence that such consent has even been sought.
(Editor’s note: A Community Alert to Alphabet Streets neighbors noted that the property owner hopes to build a 6,000-sq.-ft. home on a “virtually unbuildable hillside slope.” His requested haul route for earth material would require an estimated 850 round trips by 10-wheel dump trucks, traveling one mile from Paskenta, down Chautauqua to Drummond and then over to Sunset. The Alert said that “One of the conditions of approval requires that ‘No Parking’ signs are posted along the haul route,” over a period of months. In addition, “an estimated 100-200 concrete trucks” will be needed “to build a series of retaining walls approximately 150 feet in length and over 50 feet in height above grade, [and] numerous flatbed trucks delivering steel for shoring, grading equipment, cranes and more traveling through the ABC streets.” A public hearing before the L.A. Board of Building and Safety Commissioners will be held on May 10 at 9:30 a.m. Contact Michele Adams at
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