Savvy Senior is a Remarkable Website

By Michael Edlen 
Special to the Palisades News

I have often been asked for suggestions of websites people might use for various senior-related services and issues.

During the process of compiling over 100 such sources, we discovered one site that had a remarkably deep collection of sites that were efficiently organized into 20 major categories. This site is

I highly recommend that all seniors and their families save this reference as an invaluable quick guide. The Savvy Senior site also includes a monthly newsletter you can subscribe to which generally has articles of current interest on several topics.

Savvy Senior is a nationally syndicated information column devoted to older adults and the families who support them. Researched and written by senior advocate, author and NBC Today Show contributor Jim Miller, Savvy Senior is published in more than 400 newspapers and magazines nationwide.

The following is a summary of the site’s contents (encompassing 500+ sites).

  • Aging Organizations and General Interest (26 sites) • Assistive Devices and Senior Gadgets (30 sites)
  • Caregiving and Support Services (30+ sites)
  • Computer and Internet (10 sites)
  • Employment (20+ sites)
  • End of Life Issues (30+ sites)
  • Finances and Retirement (30+ sites)
  • Grandparenting and Intergenerational Family (18 sites) • Government Resources and Assistance (25+ sites)
  • Health Resources (in 8 categories)
  • General Health and Medical Care (90+ sites)
  • Mental Health, Alzheimer’s/Dementia (12 sites)
  • Medication (20 sites)
  • Dental (5 sites)
  • Hearing (12 sites)
  • Vision (20+ sites)
  • Sleep (5 sites)
  • Nutrition and Exercise (16 sites)
  • Housing, Long-Term Care and Universal Design (30 sites)
  • Insurance (20 sites)
  • Legal Issues and Resources (20 sites)
  • Leisure, Learning and Personal Growth (20 sites)
  • Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security (6 sites)
  • Older Drivers and Transportation (16 sites)
  • Relationships and Online Dating (10 sites)
  • Research and Statistics (30 sites)
  • Travel (18 sites)
  • Volunteering (10 sites)
  • State and Local Resources (including 12 Los Angeles and California sites)

In a world of ever-changing and rapidly growing access to information on such a wide variety of subjects and issues, this one site can simplify the search for guidance and resource materials relating to seniors and their families. Of course, there are other websites that will be useful, depending on what questions or ideas people are looking for, but might well be the place to start the search now.

Michael Edlen is a certified senior real estate specialist. Call: (310) 230-7373 whenever you would like to have a confidential conversation about real estate-related issues.

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