Tivoli Cafe in Pacific Palisades Closed for Remodeling

Tivoli Cafe owner Sohail Fatoorechi closed the doors of the restaurant located at 15306 Sunset, between Sotheby’s and Subway and on November 26.

The restaurant, which has been a mainstay on the street for 25 years, serving Italian food, pasta and seafood specials, as well as being one of the few restaurants in town to have draft beer, will be closed for several months.

According to News restaurant critic Grace Hiney, “Sohail feels it is time to update the restaurant and asks for our patience until the new opening early in the spring.

“My Palisadian friends and I will miss the restaurant but will look forward to the new version,” Hiney said.

Tivoli Cafe in Pacific Palisades
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